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LIOTHYRONINE synthetic compounds/materials available to be purchased here are expected for lab and examination utilize just, except if in any case unequivocally expressed. They are not proposed for human ingestion or for use in items that might be ingested.

3 (Liothyronine) 200 mcg x 30ml.

Molecular Weight: 273.3
Molecular Formula: C15H15NO4
Appearance: Clear Physical
State: Liquid
This product is intended for laboratory research use only. Please read the conditions and terms before considering placing and order.

WARNING This product is a very potent chemical. This product is NOT for human use and can be harmful if ingested. This product is for research/laboratory use only. This product is NOT in a sterile solution and is NOT to be injected. This product should only be handled by licensed, qualified professionals. This product is not a drug, food, or cosmetic and should not be misbranded, misused, or mislabeled as a drug, food, or cosmetic.


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